Welcome to Inochi Care

"Inochi" (命) is a Japanese word which means Life.

Inochi Care is a healthtech start up developing innovative solutions for wound care and management. Inochi Care is an IP and tech driven company with focus on wound care products, that are designed and engineered for scale and adoption across healthcare sectors and different markets. The technology development is inspired by “patient needs” as well as “healthcare provider needs.

Our Mission

We as a venture would like to ensure equal access to quality healthcare among all socioeconomic strata

Our Vision

Healing the Non-Healing Wounds

Infected Wounds

Post Surgical Wounds

Exudating Wounds

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Wounds


Multi Therapeutic Wound Healing System

The device is a comprehensive wound healing technology to facilitate accelerated healing of medically complex wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores and infectious wounds etc. The proposed device would be able to heal and overcome the challenges of halted wound healing by exudates removal, reducing inflammation and oedema, enhancing cell proliferation and tissue perfusion and controlling microbial growth. Our multi-therapeutic technology is a one stop solution for wounds of any aetiology.


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