"Inochi" () is a Japanese word which means Life.

About Inochi Care

Inochi Care is a spin off from the School of International Biodesign Program, AIIMS. We are an innovation-driven company solving unmet clinical needs in the field of healthcare. The first range of products of the company are related to multi-therapeutic wound healing technology. The technology development is inspired by “patient needs” as well as “healthcare provider needs.” The vision of Inochi Care is to develop affordable, high impact medical technologies that can make healthcare accessible to all.


We as a venture would like to ensure equal access to quality healthcare among all socioeconomic strata.


Innovation in wound care

Our venture is solving the problem of medically complex wounds, one of the biggest public health concerns across the world.  These wounds affect quality of life and brings huge financial burden to individuals, society as well as to the healthcare system.
More than 20 million people suffer from non healing wounds in India alone. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted that in 2014 there were an estimated 422 million diabetics worldwide. In the same time span, an estimated 40+ million cases of chronic wounds cases were reported worldwide. Just imagine the number of cases by the year 2025 due to diabetes alone. Up to 25% of diabetics can expect to develop a foot ulcer at some point in their lifetime. More than half of all foot ulcers will become infected requiring costly hospitalization and 1 in 5 will require amputation.
Complications of non healing wounds leads to poor quality of life, severe pain, septicaemia, prolonged hospitalization and in severe cases amputation and even death. Our aim is to create cost efficient, patient centered wound care products to avoid  such complications.

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Innovative Products


Multi-therapeutic Wound Healing Device


The device is a comprehensive wound healing technology to facilitate accelerated healing of medically complex wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores and infectious wounds etc. The proposed device would be able to heal and overcome the challenges of halted wound healing by exudates removal, reducing inflammation and oedema, enhancing cell proliferation and tissue perfusion and controlling microbial growth. Our multi-therapeutic technology is a one stop solution for wounds of any aetiology.

The Team


Shivani Gupta

Co-Founder, Director

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Suteerth Tripathi


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Inochi Care

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