InoHeal Wound Healing System

The InoHeal wound healing system is an innovative wound-healing technology that facilitates accelerated healing of medically complex wounds like diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores, surgical wounds and infectious wounds. It consists of an electronic medical device along with a specially designed wound dressing to deliver multi fold therapeutic effects at the wound site. The InoHeal System overcomes the challenges of impaired wound healing by:

  • Removing wound exudate
  • Reducing inflammation and oedema
  • Enhancing cell proliferation and tissue perfusion
  • Increasing the rate of granulation tissue formation
  • Stimulating the blood circulation
  • Increase the ROS activity in the oxidative killing of microbes

Product Features at a glance

Portable & light Weight

Easy to Use

Multiple Therapy Modes

Inbuilt Data Storage

Visual & Audible Alarms

Cost Effective

Custom Software

Real Time Sensor Feedback